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Xi Zhang's Home Page

Xi Zhang, Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3259
(979) 458-1416 (VOICE)
(979) 845-2630 (FAX)
Awards and Honors:
Selected publications are available online here.
Short BIO:
Professional Experiences
Editorial Boards and Guest Editor:
Chair Positions:
Panel and Panelist:
Technical Program Committee Members:
Spring 2008 ELEN 248: Introduction to Digital Systems Design
Fall 2008 ELEN 489-606: Computer & Wireless Communications Networks
Fall 2007 ELEN 689-605: Mobile Wireless Networking
Fall 2006 ELEN 689-612: Mobile Wireless Networking
Fall 2005 ELEN 689-602: Mobile Wireless Networking
Spring 2005 ELEN 689-611: Mobile Wireless Networking
Fall 2004 ELEN 689-606: Internet Protocols and Modeling
Fall 2003 ELEN 689-610: Internet Architectures, Protocols, and Modeling
Spring 2003 ELEN 449: Microprocessor Systems Design
RAship and TAship Openings:
Dr. Zhang has several RAship and TAship openings for Ph.D. students to conduct the cutting-edge research in the areas of Mobile Wireless Networks, Wireless Communications Thories, Mobile Computing, and Computer Networks.